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Dr. Joe and the Cases He Has Been Involved With and Featured In

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We are the law firm Piacentile, Stefanowski & Malherbe LLP, also known as, Whistleblowers International. We represent individuals in the U.S. and internationally in U.S. legal whistleblower actions on a contingency fee basis, meaning, we are paid only if we win you a monetary award. Our legal team includes an experienced former whistleblower, giving us an unparalleled advantage in developing larger and more successful cases. Our approach combines cutting edge research and investigative techniques to uncover wrongdoing while protecting the rights and privacy of our clients. Whistleblower legal actions require initiating a formal legal proceeding (in a US federal court, and under the False Claims Act) or a formal filing with an appropriate US federal agency ( with the SEC, CFTC, FinCEN, or the IRS). Whistleblower lawsuits and agency filings are very complex and usually take a very long time to resolve. They are brought if the amount of money involved is very large and if there is enough evidence to prove the whistleblower's allegations. If the information you possess and the evidence you have is strong, we can help maximize your chances of ultimately securing a whistleblower award. In order for us to take on a whistleblower case, we first have to evaluate whether your information falls within one of the parameters of an existing whistleblower law or program's requirements, and whether the evidence you possess and other facts about your matter meet our firm's criteria for taking on a case. 


Dr. Joseph Piacentile, Esq., known as 'Dr. Joe,' has been involved in some of the largest medical fraud whistleblower cases in history. Past cases have uncovered examples of pharmaceutical manufacturers promoting dangerous off-label usages of prescription drugs, hospitals over-billing Medicare by charging for procedures nurses never performed, and medical supply companies paying millions in kickbacks to healthcare providers.

Who We Are

We represent whistleblowers who want to make a difference by exposing fraud and abuse through the legal process. Our background in whistleblower lawsuits and cutting-edge investigation techniques help us build your case as we guide you through the entire process. Whistleblower cases take a long time and can be very complex, but the reward can be great, both morally and financially. To initiate a whistleblower lawsuit or whistleblower filing, strong information and evidence is needed. Past results do not guarantee future outcomes. Please note that whistleblower cases are very complex and take a long time to resolve, and to undertake such a formal legal proceeding is no mild undertaking but if your case is strong, fits into what the government is going after, meets an applicable whistleblower law or program's requirements, the rewards can be both morally and financially great. 

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It is important that we help you understand your rights, your eligibility for an award, and the options that you have to pursue a case.  Blowing the whistle involves unique challenges that we can work with you to overcome, and offers substantial rewards that we will give you the best opportunity to take advantage of.   

Our online resources offer valuable information, but there is no substitute for speaking directly with one of our attorneys or investigators.  Our experienced professionals can answer any questions you may have about the whistleblowing process and review your potential case.

Our Approach

We enjoy our work and take pride in our past results. Our office is located in Washington, D.C. We represent clients across the United States and throughout the globe. Strong whistleblower cases begin at the case development stage. We specialize in uncovering additional layers of misconduct through an in depth research and investigation process.

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