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Piacentile, Stefanowski, Gonzalez & Associates LLP d/b/a Whistleblowers International helps individuals bring whistleblower cases against companies who have defrauded the United States government, evaded taxes, violated securities laws, or endangered the public through corporate misconduct. We’ve built our practice through decades of experience with these specialized cases and lots of hard work from a dedicated team of attorneys and investigators. Whistleblower litigation, from the False Claims Act to SEC violations and IRS fraud, can be confusing without experienced counsel at your side. We take our commitment to the best client outcomes seriously: we want to see your interests protected and your devotion to justice honored.

Whistleblowers face significant challenges in the fight against fraud. Some are apparent risks, like counterclaims and employment retaliation, and some are more difficult for the less experienced to foresee. Our approach to case evaluation, development and strategy is designed from the ground up to mitigate the risk involved in blowing the whistle, build your case to get the government’s attention, and create the strongest possible position at the settlement negotiation table.

Our team consists of attorneys and investigators who have successfully collected billions of dollars on behalf of the Government and earned our clients millions in whistleblower rewards. Help us make a difference and blow the whistle yourself.

Based in Washington, D.C., Whistleblowers International brings a combination of experience, subject matter expertise, and strategic sophistication to our client-focused practice.

More than 20 years of experience

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Our attorneys have been involved in recovering billions of dollars for the Government in cases of illegal kickbacks, pharmaceutical off-­label marketing, Medicare and Medicaid billing fraud, injury by defective medical products and devices, and securities fraud.

We have collectively represented hundreds of whistleblowers and individuals involved in lawsuits against some of the largest corporations and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our staff includes a former health care worker with years of experience working in all areas of medicine including medical equipment sales, pharmacies, hospitals, and private home health care.

Blowing the whistle on illegal misconduct can be both challenging and financially rewarding. Our team will help you protect your rights by assisting you step by step, from initial investigation through legal formalities and eventually, collecting your financial award.

How we’re going to help you

We are proud of the successes we have obtained for our clients.  We represent clients across the country as well as international citizens living abroad.  During the investigative phase of a case, we combine the breadth of our industry experience with cutting edge research tools. This approach has helped us uncover some of the largest fraudulent schemes perpetrated in the United States and around the world.

Strong cases begin at the case development stage. We specialize in exposing additional layers of fraud through an in-depth research and investigation process. Our legal team includes former successful Qui Tam relators who will help build your case as well as guide you through the process of being a whistleblower. Help us make a difference by blowing the whistle today.

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