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Jacob Malherbe


Jacob Malherbe is a distinguished figure in legal marketing and advocacy for justice, serving as the Founder and CEO of X Social Media (XSM), and a proud partner of Whistleblowers International. This unique law firm is dedicated to empowering whistleblowers to come forward with courage and expose fraud, embodying Malherbe's commitment to ethical business practices and societal betterment.

At the helm of XSM, Malherbe has revolutionized the way legal support is connected to those in need, particularly abuse survivors and victims of corporate misconduct, through targeted social media campaigns. His innovative use of Facebook and Instagram advertising has successfully bridged over 500,000 individuals with legal representation, tackling a wide spectrum of injustices from racial discrimination to the repercussions of pharmaceutical negligence.

Malherbe's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by his firsthand experience with the transformative power of digital media following the BP oil spill in 2010. The success of his initial venture into blogging for victims laid the groundwork for XSM, which has since become an Inc. 500-listed company, celebrated for its rapid growth and mission-driven approach.

Beyond his achievements with XSM, Malherbe's passion for justice is further exemplified by his involvement with Whistleblowers International. Through this firm, he has created a formidable platform for whistleblowers, offering them the support and legal expertise necessary to expose wrongdoing fearlessly. This initiative reflects Malherbe's broader vision of leveraging legal expertise for social impact, ensuring accountability and transparency across industries.

An acclaimed author, Malherbe's publications, including "The Facebook Effect For Lawyers" and "A Lawyer's Guide to Mass Torts," offer invaluable insights into leveraging social media for client acquisition, showcasing his pioneering strategies in legal marketing. His move from traditional SEO to Facebook marketing has opened new avenues for law firms to connect with clients, demonstrating his adaptability and foresight.

Jacob Malherbe's multifaceted career is a testament to his unwavering dedication to both advancing legal marketing and championing the cause of whistleblowers. Through Whistleblowers International and XSocial Media, Malherbe has not only achieved remarkable business success but has also made a significant impact on the legal landscape, advocating for justice and empowering individuals to act against fraud and misconduct.