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Three Noteworthy IRS Tax Recoveries from 2021

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had a number of successful enforcement actions in 2021. The IRS Whistleblower Program is currently undergoing understaffing and is experiencing long delays in processing whistleblower claims and in paying out rewards for successful enforcement actions. Legislators are looking to improve the program to mitigate these issues. Nevertheless, in 2021, the IRS brought some notable, successful enforcement actions. 

Below are 3 noteworthy IRS enforcement actions from 2021:

  • Renaissance Technologies, LLC.

Due to an “error,” Renaissance failed to account for the short-term financial benefits when trading what they considered long-term gains. After a decade of discussing this with the IRS, it’s been reported that they finally reached a settlement where they admit that the taxes in question should have been taxed as short-term gains, resulting in a payment of $7 billion to the IRS

  • Thomas E. Sandell

Sandell, owner of Sandell Asset Management Corporation, shifted around and hid investment fees from New York to Florida and London using a shell company they controlled. When the whistleblower, one of the company’s accountants, noticed the fraud taking place, the whistleblower notified Sandell that they owed New York over $100 million in taxes. The whistleblower was immediately fired in what amounted to clear retaliation from Sandell. Fortunately, the accountant blew the whistle and received a $22 million award for their efforts in stopping the illegal tax evasion.

  • Swiss Life Holding AG

The insurance company entered a deferred prosecution agreement where they will pay $77 million dollars for conspiring with US taxpayers to hide around $1.5 billion in assets and income using offshore insurance policy investment accounts that were basically were abusive tax shelters.

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