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Mass Torts vs. Personal Injury (PI) 

Differentiating between torts and personal injuries can be confusing. This is because there are definite similarities that cause the two to overlap. 

When it comes to understanding the difference, it may be more beneficial to focus on how each term is used in court rather than focusing on the differences. While all personal injuries are technically “torts,” not all torts are personal injuries. This is because torts have a broader definition than personal injury. 

A “tort” entails any injury or act of wrongdoing (intentional, negligent, or otherwise) to a person that can be tried in civil court. This action may injure or harm someone in various ways: physically, psychologically, financially, and more. 

A personal injury involves harm to a person’s body. While this can include psychological harm (such as emotional distress damages), evidence of this type works best when it is medically supported and backed with appropriate documentation.  

To understand the difference between torts and personal injury claims, consider a defamation case. If you file a claim against someone for slandering you online, this is considered a “tort” or a civil wrong. However, defamation cannot be filed as a personal injury claim, as personal injury is a more specialized area intended to address direct and harmful acts inflicted on a person.

Common Challenges of Resolving Mass Tort Disputes

Mass tort litigation can pose unique challenges in the courtroom that aren’t typically found in other areas of civil law. 

To understand why, it’s worth acknowledging that the need for this form of civil law did not become prominent until the 1980s, when a rise in mass marketing exposed Americans to a broader range of potentially defective or harmful products. This facilitated an increase in plaintiff law firms to assist with the filing of mass tort legal claims. 

Today, the most impactful component of mass tort litigation is the sheer volume of mass tort claims. The frequency of mass tort cases has posed various obstacles for involved parties. Here are some key challenges of mass tort cases:

  1. They are time-consuming. Lawsuits can sometimes take several years to resolve. The specific circumstances of each plaintiff’s injuries (not to mention the fact that these injuries typically develop over long periods of time) can often lengthen the duration of the case. Holding separate trials for each plaintiff also plays a role in delaying legal proceedings.
  2. They are complex by nature. Each plaintiff brings their own unique set of claims, injuries, and expectations to the table. As you can imagine, the research required to build a mass tort case is quite extensive. Acquiring the necessary records for each plaintiff is no small feat, especially considering how quickly the work will multiply if/when additional plaintiffs come forward. 
  3. Causation for plaintiff injuries is difficult to prove. Mass tort cases leave considerable room for ambiguities. It can take a long time for injuries to develop as a result of a harmful product or substance. Poring over years or even decades of corporate data, medical records, and a wealth of other information is a massive undertaking, and there is never a guarantee that the court will consider the findings to be proficient evidence.    
  4. Consistency is challenging due to the high volume of mass tort claims and multiple plaintiffs. Our justice system is designed to uphold the same core principles in all areas of its framework. No matter the volume of mass tort claims, the court is responsible for upholding all interdependent cases to the same standards, rulings, and reasonings in this expansive and often interdependent network of mass tort cases.

We know that filing a mass tort claim can be a drain on your time and emotional health. It’s crucial to have a seasoned mass tort litigator on your side to help earn the compensation you deserve. Call (800) 689-8552 to speak with one of our knowledgeable mass tort attorneys today.

Why Should You Hire a Mass Tort Lawyer?

Our justice system is designed to protect the wellbeing of the people. At Whistleblowers International, we consider it our personal responsibility to ensure manufacturers are held accountable for defective or harmful products. 

An experienced mass tort litigation attorney can help protect your rights and health as a consumer, and even prevent others from being harmed in similar circumstances. As you know, mass tort lawsuits are time-consuming and complex. It’s important to find a capable mass tort lawyer to assist with: 

  • Acquiring the appropriate evidence to build the strongest case possible. 
  • Implementing the best legal approach to earn the maximum financial compensation available to you.
  • Proving causation between your injuries and the product in question.
  • Overseeing court deadlines, paperwork, and recordkeeping throughout your case. 
  • Acting as an intermediary between you and related parties, such as medical specialists or other plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit.  

Whistleblowers International Can Help Protect Your Rights

If you suspect you’ve been wronged by a company’s unethical behavior or a defective product, it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible. 

Our mass tort lawyers will be happy to review your case and maintain your privacy as we assist you in navigating the legal intricacies of mass tort litigation. Our in-depth method for research and case development at Whistleblowers International is unparalleled. We possess the integrity and knowledge to effectively advocate on your behalf, and our team is here to fight tirelessly for you to receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. 

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