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Necrotizing Enterocolitis 

Necrotizing Enterocolitis, or NEC, is a bacterial infection in the gastrointestinal system that mainly affects premature babies. It is a life-threatening condition that can cause inflammation, perforation of the walls of the intestines, and tissue death of the intestines. If detected early and treated, it can be cured without any complications. If not, it can lead to death, cerebral palsy, sepsis, organ failure or damage, growth failure, short bowel syndrome, among many other conditions and illnesses. Many of these conditions are long-term, leaving lasting effects on the baby and many times entailing costly healthcare expenses.

If your child suffered from Necrotizing Enterocolitis as a result of their infant formula, you may be eligible to take legal action. Contact our NEC mass tort lawyers at (800) 689-8552 to learn more.

It has been found that feeding formula made with cow’s milk to premature babies (those born before 37 weeks) substantially increases the risk of developing NEC. This is even more so when these types of formula are fed to premature babies within the first couple of weeks after being born. For many years, studies have established that infant formula that contains cow’s milk increases the risk of NEC. 

Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson & Company, LLC 

Regarding manufacturers of these formulas, the market is dominated by two companies: Abbott Laboratories (Abbott) and Mead Johnson & Company, LLC (Mead). These two companies control around 90% of the market and both are based in Illinois. 

Among Abbott’s products, the following contains ingredients from cow’s milk: 

  • Similac NeoSure
  • Similac Special Care
  • Similac Alimentum a
  • Similac Human Milk Fortifier (the name for the line of products)

For Mead, some of its products containing cow’s milk are:

  • Enfamil Premature
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Enfacare
  • Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier (the name for the line of products)

Mass Tort Claims for Defective Formula 

From a legal point of view, cases against these companies for damages suffered in connection to their products are predicated on the following legal theories:

  • Design Defect – There are safer alternatives on the market
  • Failure to Warn – Manufactures allege that they do not have the duty to warn parents since the decision to give their products is made by physicians
  • Negligence

These cases will be organized in an MDL, in which plaintiffs’ attorneys can file their clients' claims. If you believe you and your family were harmed by baby formula produced by one of these two companies, and NEC developed as a result, contact us for a case evaluation to see if you qualify to join this mass tort.