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Whistleblower Experts Discuss the Importance of Whistleblowing at The Hague, the City of Peace and Justice

On May 25, 2022, the Executive Director of the National Whistleblower Center (NWC), Siri Nelson, met with Mark Worth, a WNN reporter, and also, the Executive Director of Whistleblowing International and the European Center for Whistleblower Rights, to talk about whistleblower rights at The Hague in the Netherlands. The Hague is known worldwide as “the City of Peace and Justice”, for being home to several world-leading organizations focus on international law. Siri Nelson and Mark Worth met with The Hague & Partners and Hague Convention Bureau. 

Siri Nelson reflected on how “The Hague has been so welcoming to the NWC,” and was very excited to see whistleblower right being included in human rights discussions. 

On the other hand, Mark Worth added “We are thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with the many human rights, rule of law, and anti-corruption groups in The Hague.” He also thanked the Humanity Hub, The Hague Business Agency, and the Hague Municipality for their support of the whistleblower rights community.  

Both Siri Nelson and Mark Worth presented on May 31st, at the World Justice Project’s World Justice Forum where well-known whistleblower attorneys Stephen Kohn of Kohn, Kohn and Colapinto were also part of the panelist. 

In this session, entitled “Whistleblowing for Our Future: Innovations in Society’s Best Anti-Corruption Tool,” participants engaged in a solutions-driven discussion on “harnessing whistleblowing to support their work.” The speakers also guided the participants on integrating “whistleblowing strategies to improve their anti-corruption and rule of law initiatives.” 

“The World Justice Project’s commitment to whistleblowers is inspiring,” said Kohn. He continued by saying that the participants in their program, who came from places all over the world, “are the ones on the front lines fighting corruption and defending the whistleblowers who risk so much to vindicate human rights.

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